How to Score Good/High Marks in +2 (HSC Public Exam) 10th (SSLC Public )Tamil Nadu [How-To]

How to Score Good/High Marks in +2 (HSC Public Exam) 10th (SSLC Public )Tamil Nadu [How-To]



First, All the best for the students who are going to face +2 Public Exam in the coming months. Life in +2 is said to one of the toughest phase for a student from Tamil Nadu who eagerly wait for a quality degree courses. Sometimes +2 becomes the life changer for many guys.

+2 Public Exam:

But for me +2 Public Exam is just another exam and students never need to worry regarding the weight and value that it contains. The only thing students need to do is just to confront the exam as if they don’t have any other exam in future to write whatever they read in the whole 1 or 2 years. So +2 Public Exam is the ultimate one for the school students and it marks the end of the Schooling of each student in Tamil Nadu. Thus +2 becomes the finishing point of one’s schooling.

Why +2 Public exam is given much importance:

Some years back Tamil Nadu higher secondary students had to face a competitive Entrance Exam to attend the Tamil nadu Engineering & Medical Counseling and the students was awarded ranks according to the score that they had got in the Entrance Exam. So the pressure was on Entrance Exam rather than Public Exam. But now it’s not the case, Entrance Exam gone and Public exam is the only factor that decides the rank of the student for the Tamil nadu Engineering & Medical Counseling.

Do’s and Don’t's Study Tips (for all):

* First concentrate only on the core subjects Physics,Chemistry,Mathematics for Engineering Students and Physics,Chemistry,Biology for Medical Students.

* Get Blue Print for all these subjects and make yourself familiar with it.

* Make small notes/points of each topic you read in a Notebook ( Keep it safe )

            – This will help you to revise during the last 1 hour of the exam .
            – This will help a lot for One-mark Questions.

* Avoid group studies as no one will concentrate well in a part.

* Read completely even if you read one chapter
             - Blue Print will help you to select which chapters you need to read first.

* Never  mug up things that are in your book like taking a photo with a camera.

Do’s and Don’t's Study Tips (for Centum Aimers):

* Prepare a bunch of One-mark questions in each chapter – consolidate it and make it in a separate Notebook.

* Understand the concepts rather than memorizing it – This will help in one-mark questions.

* Solve all the problems in the book – be fast enough to do it.

* Never leave even a single paragraph thinking that you can leave it in choice – This will hit you in One-mark.

* Review all your old answer sheets of unit test that you wrote in your exams and identify your weak area.

* Clearly read all the labeling parts of a Diagram or Figure.

Special Maths Study Tips:

* Complete all the one-mark questions given at the last of the book.

* Understand all the derivation of Formulae in each chapter.

* Read the first 2 – 3 pages description given in the start of each chapter.

* Theorems and Derivations are more important to complete all the one-marks correctly.

Writing Tips ( for all ) :

* Always write in the same way as question paper’s structure.

* Always begin with One mark
      – because if you leave one mark for last and you didn’t get time then you lose many easy marks.

* Leave the one marks blank that you don’t know and you can finally write something in those things.

* Always start a new section in a fresh page, so plan according while writing.

* Inside a section ( like 5 marks or 10 marks ) you can interchange the question answers order.

* Always clearly mention the question number
       - never forget to mention a question number – it’s very important.

* Always complete the diagrams in each question with labels and never make it at last time.

* Select the Problem questions to write first as you can save more time.

* Set a particular time for each question and never exceed it. If you feel you are exceeding it , leave that and start a new question – you can come back there at last.

* Leave a good space after each word and each line and make your paper looking good.

* Never strike a whole or half a page – that will put you in trouble by asking Invigilator to sign your paper.

Psychological Tips:

* Study early in the morning.

* Never sleep late in the night especially during Exam Days.

* Eat well before going to exam –  Try to have some chocolate after food.

* Drink water well during study holidays. This will prevent your body from getting more heat.

* Watch TV sometime for relaxation but never watch Movies or Cricket Matches.

* Never ask any of your friends how much they’ve studied.

* Avoid oily food before going to exam.


Hard work never Fails – Read Hard – Write Hard –
Success will chase you.

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